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Dear Charles

The glue used to hold your book together is of a poor quality.

I mean that in the literal sense, it is not any kind of metaphor. I am enjoying the book when I am not having to hold it together.


I found no problems with the glue, maybe you got a dodgy (as in bad glue job not black market) copy of the book Drew? In which case you should take it back to the store and swap it.

I also loved the book, it had me smiling and laughing the whole way through. Fantastic work Charles!


When you have lemons, you should make lemonade.

Those of you with poor quality glue ought to use this to your advantage, and rearrange the pages in a way to make the book more interesting... or at least post-modern.

Why not reconstruct it in reverse order, or perhaps list the pages alphabetically? Surely there are philanthropic arts organisations eager to help with such a noble endeavour.


I dont know about reverse order, but maybe I should move some of the chapters around, like Pulp Fiction

Charles Firth

Damn! That's a brilliant idea. I should have done that. If you could just swap the last chapter with the first and put chapter 12 between chapters 5 and 6, then it'll read much less readable, but it'll be way more literary.

The publisher said that you can take the book back to your bookstore and get it swapped, but she also said that the bad bind was a "1 in 10,000" event, so I'm thinking one word: collectable.


I take my hat of to Charles. It is a fantastic book! im am sorry to hear that Drew got a dodge copy, but still it is readable! And is also possibly a collectable due to its "1 in 10,000" chance of happening! WoOt for you! Mr Firth please continue to write down the stories of your American Life for us, so we can forever laugh at the stupidity of the general populace of the United States

In Font Terrible

I am also having trouble with the glue in my copy. Can others who have reglued their books suggest what is the best kind to use? I am worried that I will end up sticking the pages together and not being able to read it.


I'd write something witty here, but I'm generally not good at that sort of thing. So instead I'll just say how brilliant this book is and that you should buy it.

Crap Head

I'm assuming this is arse and doesn't really work...


Your book was mad, keep up all the good work and stuff.


Utter nonsense, thankfully it was a X-Mas gift and I did not buy it. If you still are living in the States stay there we don't want a wanker such as yourself back in the Australia

Charles Firth

Thanks for your support, Buck. I'm glad you took the time to send me that message.

In terms of the glue question, I suggest you use Clag glue because it is (a) delicious and (b) non-toxic.


Your reply is exactly the sort of nonsense that your book is loaded with. I enjoy a good read but, mate, American Hoax is full of too much crap. I did like the Hooters bit though.


I also got this as a Christmas present but, unlike Jack. I loved it. Great book Charles. Is Chaser coming back this year?


Great book, it's inspired me. to commit financial fraud using wikipedia to prove my identity. Charles you are a true Aussi, unlike Buck... more like;



Like most of Charles Firth Cult supporters I fall into the left wing/student category, which is just an easy way to say I'm a Bum.
but i would have to say that although i didn't have trouble with the glue on my copy of the book, i did enjoy reading it. the book gives me inspiration to the Fact that i could one day write my own book that people would be extremely Pissed off to receive as a present. but i do have one complaint i am extremely disappointed that the book was not available in Audio tape.
good work charles,



I bought this book as a birthday present, and as a good Conscientious book buyer does, I had to read a little bit to make sure it was good. I found that the first chapter was good, but then, perhaps you had just made a good first chapter then got lazy with the rest? I owed it to my friend to read more. The second and third chapters were pretty good too.
It was I think at this point the sales person 'asked if she could help me'. I replied with courteous a 'no, I'm good here'. Then she said something about the ABC being a store not a library, so I bought the book to appease her. However this did not stop me being a good friend. I continued reading.
I have now finished the book and have come to the conclusion that American Hoax is gift worthy. And my glue was fine.

Thank you Charles for a funny insight into America.


Some kid from St Peters (Aussie Land)

Jolly good Book (no glue prolems) funny stuff

Melissa Logan

Hi Charles,
Really liked your book - helped me get through a family holiday with a younger brother who, when is not farting, sends me text messages with 'U R GAY'.
I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming that you're Left-wing politically, because that's sort of what I got from the book, or at least that's the spin I put on it because I'm Left myself. Either way, I found it quite refreshing, if that is the right word.
I thought that it was a really novel concept of you creating all of these characters, but how did you decide what to do with them?
My favourite bit of all was your little commentaries in the footnotes - they were hilarious!
Anyway, I really liked the book and hopefully other people have, giving you lots of positive feedback. Looking forward to your next book, which I promise I will buy (I shamelessly borrowed this off a friend!).
Melissa Logan
P.S. That friend had been trying to find each others comments, only to realise
that I had put mine in the feedback section, so you'll get this twice. Sorry!


Wow great publisher I only found out about this book today Dec 5, 2007 by googling "glue sniffing yanks chased by conservative liberal muslims"

Maybe ill buy the dvd

Randy Weeks


I'm a Hollywood Producer and I would like to take an option on your book. I haven't read it myself but a script writer tipped me off, he would like to put a treatment together. I'm thinking a cross between Mike Moore and Die hard, with Bruce Willis playing your character. We would have to tone down the humour and remove the irony for the US audience and beef up the action sequences, from what Ive been told you go Iraq, Iran and South Central ! Let me know if you still have the rights, I'm talking to Disney about 120M in funding.


Loved the book. I got it as a Christmas present like Joe Blogs and thought it was going to be a send up of dubya or something (The first chapter certainly gave that impression). I found it really intriguing and it definitely changed my perspective on the US of A. I'd recommend it to anyone.


Hardly anyone's posted on this site, and I guess that means hardly anyone's read this damn book - that's hard to believe given the notoriety you guys have gotten lately, especially post-APEC. I guess the fact that Charles doesn't come on much anymore might have something to do with it...

Anyway, I really enjoyed this - it was kind of hard to figure out how much of that actually happened, but giving it the benefit of the doubt it was awesome.


Awesome mate.


I loved this book. I read the 2nd edition, the one with 15% extra ego. I didn't really think it was about "stupid Americans". People everywhere are just different brands of stupid in the marketplace of ideas. I think it was really about Darryl.

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