Charles Firth is, according to Wikipedia, the "greatest genius in the history of humanity" (see reference). In 1999, he and a group of his friends set up The Chaser – a satirical newspaper and website ( The team has gone on to produce various award winning things in television, radio and print.

His TV credits include The Election Chaser (2001), CNNNN (2002-3), The Chaser Decides (2004) and The Chaser’s War on Everything (2006-7) and Mr Firth Goes to Washington (2008).

He is the author of American Hoax (Picador, 2006) as well as numerous Chaser Annuals (published).

For the past couple of years, Charles has also been a freelance contributor to various magazines, including Cigar Aficionado, Pipe Aficionado, Snuff Aficionado, The Monthly, The Bulletin, GQ Australia, The Nation (Botswana edition) and most proudly, The Australian Worker Magazine.

Charles recently changed his name to Jihad al-Firth. He is currently working on a project, which he says is "top secret".